Welcome to Intercolor

Welcome to Intercolor


Welcome to Intercolor.


Wen working with colours, nothing must be left to chance. However, new ideas often arise from fortuitoushapennings, accidents during processing and crossovers with appealing new trends.

INTERCOLOR Company LLC, providing for finishing – painting tissue already made (in the piece) usually belonging to customers.

Making dyeing textile articles, which provides a series of tests (in the laboratory interphase) marcatură and certification, it must be drilled under the series of standards EN ISO 105. Given that the activity has a series of particularities, it is highly competitive, innovative and dynamic, originality and quality of products in this case are what make the difference.


So the company has invested steadily in recent years in capacity of expansion and production but has invested to acquisition of new  and the best technologies, the investments was made  to have the capability to conduct productive  flexible processes, and to can do the request increasingly diversified and paying special attention to the relationship with customers, their requirements, involving all the organization’s resources. Our company represent a strategic objective to providing quality services with fixed and equal for each product element, product that responds adequately rising expectations to customer using a modern approach to processes and their control.

So our slogan is “Right first time and every time