After years of hard work we can do the folowing treatments and services.

Paint the items are made of cotton, linen, wool and mixed, the most used are:

  • Classical Painting (direct, reactive and pre Metallic);
  • Painting gradient;
  • Painting worn effect;
  • Coloring pigments;
  • Painting polyamide, Venice;
  • Special treatments (Acqua d’Argento + ions);
  • Special enzymes painting, stones and pearls.

The operations manual is to include articles on denim / jeans and consist of:

  • Painting cold;
  • Pigmentation spray;
  • Dying gradient;
  • Tearing, sanding, painting,
  • Striations, wrinkles, aging effect, etc.

And even more with the laser technology, with the serigraphy and our designers can

create unique designs and inscriptions and at the request of customers who have innovative

ideas to create unique pieces.